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Establishing a Business in M ... , Sep 1, 2010

The purpose of this brief is to provide some information on establishing and maintaining a business presence in Macau, h... (read more)

Macau Compliance Obligations ... , Sep 1, 2010

Background: Where Macau companies enter into contracts with overseas suppliers for the provision of ‘services&rdqu... (read more)

Macau Work Visas and Residen ... , Sep 1, 2010

Sinomac Business Services has been processing Macau Work Visas and Residency Applications for over 5 years. We are able ... (read more)

Macau Compliance - Personal ... , Sep 1, 2010

While Macau is a low tax environment for both business owners and employees, tax legislation imposes a number of obligat... (read more)

Expatriate Working Visas – A ... , Jul 1, 2010

26 April 2010 – A new labour law was introduced in Macau, specifically relating to the employment of non-residents... (read more)

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Macau Investment Fair Hengqi ... , Oct 28, 2011

MIF offered a forum for discussion regarding the new development plans for Hengqin Island. Since the July announcement r... (read more)

Hengqin Island - Macau Prefe ... , Aug 26, 2011

  On 22 August 2011 in Macau, details of the preferential policies which will be granted to Macau and Hong Kong com... (read more)

Zhuhai Based Aviation Joint ... , Mar 15, 2011

Canada's Interfast Inc and AVIC (Zhuhai) to Establish Zhuhai Joint Venture - Interfast Inc, based in Toronto, Canada, ha... (read more)

Expanding into Guangdong Pro ... , Jan 21, 2011

Sinomac Business Services has established a subsidiary in Zhuhai (Zhuhai Sinomac Information Consulting Services Limited... (read more)

Administrative Regulation –M ... , Oct 18, 2010

The Macau Government is paying more attention to situations where working visas have been granted to non-residents off t... (read more)

  Sinomac Business Services was established in Macau in 2005. We provide a comprehensive range of services to international clients undertaking business operations in Macau. Services include company incorporation, payroll and HR compliance, working visa applications, consulting on financial rel... (read more)
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